yes, it's true. i have another love in my life and that love is the oregon coast. not just any 'ole part of the oregon coast though. my heart belongs to cannon beach. if you ask my husband, he'll most likely tell you that i suggest a trip to the coast about every weekend or so. we don't go every weekend, more like once every few months. and we hardly ever go to cannon beach. in fact, i've only actually been there twice and both times were more than three years ago. and that, my friends, makes me sad.

the first time we visited cannon beach was in may of 2008, for justin's birthday. we stayed at a little place right on the beach called the sea sprite inn. it was so cozy and the studio room we stayed in was perfect for two lovebirds spending a weekend away. everything about cannon beach is beautiful. the location, the people, the quaint town, the proximity to seaside, the lumberyard. everything. seriously, if you haven't gone, go.

the second time we visited cannon beach was in february of 2009, for my birthday. we stayed in the exact same place and visited basically all of the same places, including the lumberyard for the best s'mores skillet you'll ever have!

there's something about the coast in general that is so beautiful and has such a calming effect on me. i love being there, even if it's for the day and even if all we do is sit in our car (so we stay warm!) and watch the waves crashing on the shore. i can't wait to take landon there for a weekend. (and ripley too!)

do you have a favorite place to visit?


  1. mmhmm! Cannon Beach is one of my faves too! We generally go to Pacific City when we go out to the coast - or Otter Rock, Skyler's surfing spot. :)

  2. Ok, we have to take you guys to CB! My parents have a little sea shanty there. :)


thanks for the input!