landon enjoying the fountain last weekend.

this weekend is going to be a blast! we've got swim class later on today and then after that we're packing up the car and heading to portland. we're really looking forward to spending some time with justin's best friend and landon's honorary uncle, stu, and maybe hitting up some old favorite eating haunts! we'll throw in a trip to the children's museum too and then head on back home tomorrow. thanks again cody for house-and-dog-sitting for us. c:

unfortunately, all that had been planned has now been cancelled. i am super sad about it. well, we're still going to swim class but everything in portland is no longer happening. it's all because of what happened on thursday. (more on that later) 


this lovely lady and her family really made me want to take a trip to chicago.

did you hear? stefanie is expecting. check it out here and here.

ok, natalie has really made me want to try these diy hair extensions.

danielle is such an inspiration, both with living a healthy lifestyle and being a mama!

isn't this one of the cutest gender reveal videos? jen is so talented!

kayla is such a handy lady! she's always finding inspirations on pinterest and making them her own. this one might be my favorite project of hers yet. she's also got a shop, if you're interested. c;

i mentioned it before but my husband has a blog!! this is my favorite post of his so far.

i made this as a side dish for dinner this week and boy was it good!

speaking of dinner, i'm reallly excited to make this dish for dinner this week.

ah! i am in love with basically anything and everything ruche.

and madewell, too.

i wish i would've had something like this as a kid. maybe i'll make some for landon?

also, i've been really itching to do some sort of diy dresser/sideboard/credenza thing. maybe this campaign dresser or this pie safe?

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