we did a lot of stuff last weekend, one of those things being dinner out at my dad's house in the country. i love it out there, it's one of my favorite places to be. it just seems so peaceful. not that living sort of in town doesn't have it's perks and advantages, it's just that sometimes i wish i still lived there...

we had some family visiting from out of country and so we spent the evening eating delicious pizza's that my cousins made, yummy salad and the best ice cream. yum. we talked and caught up on each other's lives and once again, it made me wish that my family wasn't so spread out as they are. canada, pennsylvania, florida, iowa. i mean, c'mon! why did all of my aunts have to move away?

landon decided that he was going to try and play bocce with the big boys while we were there. he even threw a ball a couple of times (and those things are heavy!). he sure seemed to be enjoying himself. 

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