08.13.12 | LANDON, AT 16 MONTHS

yesterday marked landon's official 16th month of life. before i became a parent, i pretty much told anyone that would listen how stupid i thought it was to say your child's age by month after they turned one. i thought it sounded silly and didn't really tell me how old they were because really, at 17, i thought it was just easier to say "year-and-a-half" when it was even remotely close to that. now that i have a 16-month old myself, saying "year-and-a-half" before they even turn 18-months just seems silly!

now, on to the good stuff:

at 16 months, landon likes to run everywhere. who needs to walk once you've mastered running?

at 16 months, landon loves blueberries, blackberries, oranges, grapes, strawberries, bananas, grapefruit, cantaloupe, honeydew, potatoes (in any form), raisins, dried cranberries, hamburgers, hot dogs, bread (in any form), rice, zucchini, broccoli, chicken, spaghetti, corn, apples, pears, peaches, tuna, salmon, carrots (cooked), eggs, bacon, french toast, waffles, animal crackers, ice cream, but most especially raspberries.

at 16 months, landon only says a few words: mama, dada/daddy, balloon, ball, no, yeah, there, moo and baa.

at 16 months, landon will walk over to the baby/puppy gate at the foot of the stairs if you say "ready to go night-night?" and point up the stairs. he will then proceed to crawl up said stairs, so long as you are right behind him.

at 16 months, landon screams almost every time you bring him in from playing outside.

at 16 months, landon has mastered his wooden puzzles. he knows where all of the farm animals belong and will point at them if you ask him "where is the..." or say "what animal says...".

at 16 months, landon is almost finished with his summer swim lessons. he loves splashing in the water, kicking his legs and jumping off the side of the pool.

at 16 months, landon has perfected the pouty lip when something isn't going his way.

at 16 months, landon will gladly go get his high chair if you ask him "are you ready for breakfast/lunch/dinner?"

at 16 months, landon gets his teeth brushed twice a day and sits/lays very still while doing so.

at 16 months, landon climbs up onto the couch with ease. also the chair(s) and anything else he thinks you'll let  him climb on.

at 16 months, landon still thinks ripley's food and water dishes are for him to play with. in fact, he picked up the water dish the other day and poured all of the water out of it.

at 16 months, landon has started time-out. he doesn't like it.

at 16 months, landon is obsessed with his cars. he'll play with you (or by himself) pushing those things for hours, i'm sure.

at 16 months, landon is the sweetest little boy. he'll give you kisses if you ask, and big hugs too. and i ask for those no less than 14 times daily. each.

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