please don't read this post if you haven't watched the most recent project runway and intend to.

if you know me, you know that i love reality tv and fashion. and when those two things are paired up together, i love them even more. enter, project runway. i first started watching this show in season two (unfortunately, i didn't know it existed during season one) and have been a devoted fan ever since. my husband will be the first one to tell you that i haven't missed an episode and will, in fact, watch reruns of old episodes every now and again. i even watched project runway all-stars, which i will tell you was nowhere near as good as the regular seasons even though mondo was in it.
anywho, while watching last night's episode i realized two things: one, i LOVE dmitry's dress and two, i can't believe christopher won. i mean, yes, it was a pretty gown. but winning-worthy? i don't think so. i think dmitry's was WAY better. even melissa's was better. but that's just my opinion. and since i can't find a picture of dmitry's dress anywhere on the internet for the LIFE OF ME, then i guess you'll just have to listen to my opinion and agree blindly. c;
another thing: i wish there was a lord & taylor here in oregon. like, really. i also wish that lord & taylor didn't have the zoom in option on their site. because, how am i supposed to make a collage of all of the pretty dresses and shirts and pants they sell when i can't save the picture to my computer?! that's right, i can't. the best i can do is link there.
care to see any of my pics that i'd just love to have in my closet?
i'll also take these ankle boots by michael kors in a size eight, please.
and while we're talking about boots, i'll take these steve madden's in cognac.
and while you're getting those things for me, how about these cargo pants for landon?
also, i'm pretty sure justin needs these oxfords. in a size 13.
i'll just plan on seeing these under the christmas tree this year, right?
if you watch project runway, who was your favorite designer last night?
*picture borrowed from here.


  1. i would just like to say that i completely agree with you on every single word you wrote :)


thanks for the input!