so seriously, i can't tell you how excited i was to eat some really good food on our trip to vegas. justin and i kept saying to each other "is it weird that the thing we are most excited about is eating?" and other variations of that sentence. it was the truth though. and we couldn't wait to get our hands on some good grub the minute we landed, especially since we were starving sine we hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was about 4:30 by the time we got to our hotel. now, i didn't take pictures of every single thing we ate because that would be just, well, silly! and so time consuming. i did take pictures of some our favorite things though, that's for darn sure.

this little cafe, cafe vettro, was located in our hotel (aria) and was open 24 hours. it was a perfect little stop for our first meal and then again for breakfast the next morning. i had a pretty good little chicken avocado wrap the first meal, while justin had biscuits and gravy. and for breakfast? i got the biscuits and gravy while justin got a lump crab eggs benedict. and i couldn't not take a picture of the cute presentation of ketchup and hot sauce. c:

that same night, we traipsed over to the bellagio because we couldn't come to vegas and not eat at our favorite gelato stand. seriously, yum. the last time we were here (in 2007), we left our hotel room at 10pm, just in the hopes that cafe gelato would still be open by the time we got there for another little serving of heaven. luckily for us, they were open until 11! this time around, we weren't going to chance it. we walked right there after dinner at cafe vettro. i got the snickers gelato while justin got the chocolate peanut butter.

sunday we stopped off at julian serrano's restaurant, julian serrano, to eat some tapas since we had a reservation that same evening for dinner at 8:45. we didn't want to fill up too much at lunch because we knew we were going to gorge ourselves on superbly delicious food later. julian serrano was perfect for that. justin had a meditteranian seabass bite and i had a salmon cake. justin said his was pretty spicy (just the way he likes it) while mine was very fresh. instead of a typical salmon cake, the breadcrumbs were phyllo dough and they were shredded and placed on top of the cake. it was sooo good. as was the made-from-scratch tarter sauch with capers. yum!

later in the afternoon, justin was feeling a little hungry but since we didn't want to fill up before dinner, we stopped off at jean phillipe patisserie, in our hotel, for a little treat. i got a napoleon while he got a sugar brioche.

and then, it was time for dinner. bobby flay's mesa grill.

we started off our meal with a complimentary bread basket filled with all sorts of goodies. there was a jalepeno cheese roll, a jalepeno bread and some other bread that had raisins and nuts and was just yummy.

we couldn't go to a bobby flay restaurant and not get an appetizer so we decided on this one: a smoked chicken, black bean and avocado quesadilla. seriously, the best quesadilla i have ever had. we couldn't get enough of this. in fact, we'd go back to this restaurant for the quesadilla alone. that's how good it was. i almost wish it was my main course. almost.

for my main course i had the ancho chile-honey glazed salmon. it had a spicy black bean sauce underneath, as well as a roasted jalepeno crema. i was a little nervous before ordering as it sounded pretty spicy but the waiter assured me that everything sounded very spicy, but like the breads, there was an undertone of heat, but not too overpowering. it was so flavorfu.

because justin is justin, he had to try something new. so he ended up with the cascabel chile crusted rabbit that came with couscous and a smoked red pepper sauce. he loved it. he even convinced me to try it. so i did. and, if i hadn't known i was eating rabbit, i probably would've eaten the whole thing. c;

we also got a side of roasted corn with chipotle aioli, lime and cojita cheese. a recommendation by our watier and it was seriously so good. my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

for dessert, we got the apple pie sundae which was made with nutmeg ice cream and a warm caramel apple sauce. oh man, was it good! it seriously tasted like you were eating an apple pie. yum.

now, you can't go to vegas and not get a drink (or two, or three!). well, i guess you can but we didn't! at the pool, they had some pretty tasty concoctions. expensive, but tasty. the first day at the pool we got pina coladas - yum! the second day, i had some red dragon drink of some sort and justin got another pina colada. i liked my red dragon drink better, which is why i took a picture of it.

on monday, our last full day there, we took full advantage of the proximity to new york new york, and got ourselves an ugly stick from coyote ugly. and did you know that if you keep your glass, you get a refill for only $10? yep, we did that.

also on our last night in vegas, we had a reservation at D.O.C.G. one of scott conant's restaurants at the cosmopolitan (which was right next door). boy, was that good! i love me some italian food and this was no exception. i got the gnudi (which was a vegetarian dumpling in some spicy tomato strata and justin got the oxtail ravioli. that was seriously some good stuff.


if you have plans on visiting vegas any time soon, i highly recommend these restaurants:
cafe gelato
studio cafe (best tasting coca cola on the strip. weird, i know.)
sweet chill (great pastries)


ps. i took all of these photos with my iphone, in case you couldn't tell.
then i uploaded them to instagram because, well, duh.
sorry if you're seeing these for the second time.

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