VEGAS 2012

it was so stinkin' hot while we were there. like, 108 was the average temperature every day. luckily for us, vegas is in the desert so it wasn't humid at all so in reality, i'm not sure it even felt like it was 108. and, it was pretty windy most of the time so a good gust of wind really helped, i'm sure. we spent a good amount of time walking around outside and were smart enough to bring along some high spf sunscreen to protect our faces and tops of our feet from burning.

i had visions of spending hours lounging by the pool but that didn't happen. the first day, we got to the pool around 10 and it was already almost 100 out. the shade didn't stick around for long either and as soon as our comfy seats lost their shade, i was ready to get out of there. ya see, sitting directly in the sun sure feels a heck of a lot hotter than walking around. on day two of our pool ventures, we kept picking up our stuff and moving to different areas of the pool to make sure we stayed in some amount of shade and after about an hour of being there, we quickly snatched up some lounge chairs that were under an umbrella almost instantly after their previous occupants left. (yay!) we stayed for another hour or so, with the occasional dip in the pool to keep our body temperature around normal before we packed up for the day too. and got some pretty tasty drinks, i might add. c;

a lot of our time was spent walking. and it's a good thing too, what with all the food we consumed. if we weren't walking, we probably would have come back about 20lbs heavier! all of this walking did a number on my feet, unfortunately. i took four different pairs of sandals and each day i wore a different pair, because each day, i ended up with new blisters. it was a major pain and because of it, i'm sure i ended up being a major pain. i slowed us down walking, that's for sure. luckily for me, i've got a very caring husband who puts up with my whining and didn't let it get him down.

we checked out about every hotel/casino that was within walking distance (venetian, harrah's, bill's, margaritaville, caesar's palace, bellagio, planet hollywood, new york new york, monte carlo, aria, the cosmopolitan, flamingo) and enjoyed almost all of them. for some reason, the monte carlo had a weird smell that neither of us really cared for but it was an air-conditioned walk to the new york new york so we stuck it out. we've both pretty much decided that we're going to stay at caesar's next time we're in town. there, or the cosmopolitan.

we did a little shopping at h&m while there (and ended up finding landon his fourth of july outfit!), since we can't really afford the places where i'd really like to shop at, which is why i didn't even want to set foot in any of those stores. (justin learned that christian louboutin and louis vuitton were two completely different places, which was a very funny experience for me!)

as hard as it was for us to leave our little boy in oregon with his grandparents, it was a much needed trip for justin and i. we hadn't been alone without landon for more than a few hours together and it was really nice to spend some time together that didn't involve diapers or crying (well, not much anyway. c;), or sleepless nights (we slept all night long, every night!). it was a little weird for us on our first night; both of us were kind of in a funk and it took a few hours for us to get out of it. it was almost as if we weren't sure what we were supposed to be doing without him. luckily for us, we snapped out of it and were able to enjoy our trip to it's fullest extent.

we took our fancy-schmancy camera along with us for our trip but unfortunately, didn't pull it out as often as we probably should have. we relied on my phone to take most of our pictures and even then, we didn't take that many. the ones we did take, i'm happy with though. here's a few.

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