yep, you read that right. three+ weeks. i was miserable. still am, actually. but now, apparently, i'm not contagious so i don't feel as bad about going out in public. at least, not as bad.

you see, it all started with a sore throat. a very, very, awful sore throat. the kind where you wake up in the morning with a whole bunch of hurting that just doesn't go away. the kind where you don't want to swallow, at all. the kind where cough drops and throat lozenges and thick, gross, cough syrup doesn't help it go away. so, i was also dealing with some other issues and went to the doc. they gave me an antibiotic, just in case, but were pretty certain it wasn't strep. and for that, i was happy.

and then days went by and the sore throat started to ease up but then came congestion. and lots of it. i couldn't breathe so i couldn't sleep because i couldn't breathe and i wasn't really eating anything either. justin stayed home from work with me for two days to help take care of landon because i really was not up to it. and then miraculously, it cleared up! and i thought all was better. that relief lasted for about a day.

and then! then came the coughing. and it wasn't a bad cough, at first. but after about a day, it got really bad. i felt like i sounded like i had emphysema or something. it was so gross. and then amidst all of that, landon still wasn't getting better from his cold so we went to the doc for him and turned out he had an ear infection. he was swabbed for whooping cough too, because i was all nervous he had it. turns out, he didn't! just the ear infection. so he got some nice tasting medicine (that he looooved) and i went home as miserable as ever.

and then the sore throat came back and so did the congestion. so, there i was with a nasty cough, congestion in my entire head, and a sore throat. i was a mess. luckily for me, my mom was able to watch landon basically all of last week so i could sleep my days away (sorry ripley!). and by the end of the week, i was able to get in and see an on-call doc. he took about two seconds with me and diagnosed me with allergies! allergies, of all things!

now, i was very surprised and actually quite skeptical. ya see, i've lived in oregon all my life. and for most of it, i've lived right next to a grass seed field and never had any problems. but apparently pregnancy changes things. so, not only did i gain 30+ pounds, go through 30 hours of labor (with four hours of pushing!!), endure eight months of nausea and/or vomiting (give or take), get branded with about 80 stretch marks on my stomach and another 40ish on my thighs, lose a third of my hair volume and STILL can't wear my wedding rings but now i've got freakin' allergies too??!! thanks a lot universe, thanks. so now i'm on some allergy meds and a nasal spray. really looking forward to feeling better.

other things on my brain (and seriously, they've literally just popped in):

//mom-brain. ya know, pregnancy brains that never went away. uhm..four times longer to construct a sentence.

//family bed. best thing ever. for now.

//family loss. my grandpa has dementia and now he's just been placed in an alzheimer's home.

//little sis is growing up! she just bought a house with her boyfriend. now it's time for marriage. c;

//YMCA. workin' on my fitness, yo. (well, once i start to feel normal again.)

//grammar. whatev.

//please, please, please can i get a 50mm lens and a macbook?

//friends. the best kind.

//my little. thoughts on another. pros&cons. (more cons..?)

//i need to try a shellac/gel manicure one of these days.

//husband has a blog. whaaaat?!

//seriously need to do a weekly findings post. bad.

**yes, that is landon's favorite way to sleep.


  1. uuh huh! Zeek LOVES his hand down my shirt when he sleeps. :)

  2. Welcome to #TeamAllergies ... It's lots of fun.


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