i'm finally getting around to posting about our fourth of july. we had a great time! we got home from vegas the day before and were really looking forward to relaxing and spending some time with family. my cousin and his family were here visting from florida so we got to spend a good chunk of time with them, which is always enjoyable. we spent some time with justin's family as well, and then watched fireworks down on the river with my cousin and his family, and my dad, too.  all in all, GREAT fourth.

one of the things we did was go to a little place downtown - the albany historic carousel and museum. since 2007, countless volunteers have dedicated their time (and money) to hand-carve a wooden carousel for our little town. they have come a long way and still have a long way to go. we've been there a few times and decided to join my family (who were visiting from out of state) on the fourth, since they had never been. it's really a wonderful project and interesting to see how much progress they have made. the building they are currently working in is scheduled to be demolished and rebuilt so the carousel can be housed there. it's a beautiful thing and if you ever happen to be in town, you should stop by and check it out!

isn't landon's outfit the cutest? we got it at h&m, one of our favorite stores!


  1. Your little boy is gorgeous! Love his outfit too. I'm a sucker for stripes, suspenders... hats... he's got it going on.

    Also, what a cool museum! Wish we lived closer to check it out for ourselves. Love your blog, too!

    1. thanks! i took a quick peek at your blog and i have to say, you've got some pretty adorable kids yourself. c;


thanks for the input!