these last few days have found me sick and very unmotivated to do anything. my outfit(s) of choice have been a loose, comfy top, sports bra, and yoga pants. with a few days of pj's thrown in for good measure. and to top it all off? a top knot. you heard me right. if i didn't look like death and feel like death, i'd probably think i look pretty decent and dare i say, fashionable.

i've only recently decided that i like the top knot look and some might say that it's not really a fashion topic but i disagree. i think your hair is just as important to your style as the clothes you wear. in fact, i think it totally makes the outfit! if you're wearing a dress and decide to make your hair look really lovely and wavy and all that goodness that comes with long hair and waves, then you're probably going for a dramatic, evening look. but if you were to pair that same dress with a top knot, i'd venture a guess that the look you're going for is more casual. (unless you're julianne hough at the rock of ages premiere. but she doesn't count.)

some of my favorite pics of the top knot done especially well, in my opinion, found around the internet. (sources linked below.) and in case you're wondering, my favorite is definitely julianne. so pretty!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven


what do you think of the top knot?

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