first off, i must apologize for my lack of fashionable friday posts lately. i kind of got off track about three weeks ago and haven't had the time (or energy) to get back to it. BUT! i'm back today, even if it is really late in the evening and it's barely even friday anymore and most of you that read this blog probably won't even see it until saturday which means it'll be more like fashionable saturday but whatever. it's here and i'm excited about this one.

while in vegas, i learned that justin thought christian louboutin and louis vuitton were one in the same. i explained to him over and over (and over!) that they weren't and that christian is known for his shoes while louis is especially known for handbags, etc. he thought louis vuitton was one word, and that it sounded an awful lot like louboutin and it took what seemed like ages to finally get through to him that they were two seperate people. but i digress.

i'm here to talk about the louis vuitton 2012 ad campaign! my new elle magazine just arrived yesterday and while flipping through it last night (i always flip first, then re-read later), i happened across this picture:
can i please say for one second how amazingly beautiful this is?! i mean, c'mon. every single thing in this picture is perfect. i seriously love everything about it. from the beautiful bags to the gorgeous hats, the wonderful coats and the makeup on the girls. i even love the little bellhop (or whatever they're called on trains). it just seems so..glamorous. i want to be one of those girls. like, truly. and then there's this picture:
where do they come up with this?! simply perfect. that's really all i can say about it. well, other than the fact that i seriously want that leopard print bag on the left. (is that leopard? i'm really bad with my animals prints.) and basically one of every single coat that is pictured. what girl doesn't need about 12 louis vuitton coats? i know i'd make room in my closet!


images borrowed from IXLUXURY & FASHIONOLOGIE. 

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