i need to apologize for my lack of posting lately.  ever since we got back from vegas, life has been super busy! first there was a visit from my cousins from florida, who were only here for a couple of days so we wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. then there was the fourth of july celebrations (read: fireworks!). then there was landon's first swim class, which i have to say, was so much fun! and after that? landon got a little bit of a runny nose. :c we still aren't sure if it's a cold or if he's just teething really bad. and i also got sick. sore throats are no fun, let me tell ya.

so, not only have we been busy, but we've also been under the weather. and both of those things aren't very conducive to me getting anything done here on this blog o' mine. nor anywhere else, for that matter. c;

i've started feeling a tiny bitter better today, not much, just a tiny bit, so i'm looking forward to spending the afternoon/evening with another one of my cousins who is visiting from pennsylvania. i haven't seen her in two years (and it's been even longer since i saw her husband!) so i'm really looking forward to spending some time with them, and for them to meet landon. i'm just bummed i wasn't feeling well enough to go to the coast with them today for some lunch at mo's. oh well, next time!

hopefully i'll get around to posting some of our pictures from vegas, fourth of july and swim class soon. until then, here's a cute little pic.


thanks for the input!