once again, i am in the process of changing the look and feel of my blog around. i know, i know!! i can't seem to find a look that i'm super happy with and i can't afford to have someone completely redesign my blog for me so i'm stuck with the information i scrounge up on the good 'ole internet to get me through. luckily for me, i took another class through alt summit online about graphic design and learned a few tips and tricks. c:

one of the major things i'm changing, for the moment, is my blog title. i don't know where life will take my little family but there may come a time where it isn't just "me & the boys". (NO, i am not pregnant nor do i have plans on becoming pregnant any time soon.) and if i ever choose to buy a domain name for this lovely little corner of the internet that i call my own, well, someone else already has that name. i was pretty darn disappointed when i discovered that many moons ago but i kept my blog name the way it was because i liked it and it has served me well all this time. but, it's time for a change. and i'm really digging "life on a vista" -- right now.

anywayyyy...i hope you all like the changes that are to come. no, they probably won't be any more major than the name change. just some font changes and maybe a layout here or there. nothing too fancy-schmancy. i'll do my best to get it done in a timely manner.

just so you know, i am well aware this picture is blurry.
and i love it just the same.

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