a few weeks ago, before our trip to vegas, we went on a little family walk to a nearby park. it's not too far of a walk, but on a busy road, so we don't tend to go there very often. there's a huge grassy area with some big 'ole douglas firs that we let landon run around in to expel some energy. mainly, it ended up with me chasing him around while justin was on the phone with his parents trying to convince them to be spontaneous and go on a little trip with us. (we were originally thinking disneyland but that ended up being out of our price range so we went with vegas instead.) and landon sure loved picking up leaves and chunks of dirt to carry around. he's a collector, that one.


  1. how did you figure out how to put two photos side-by-side? i can't figure it out for the life of me! :)

    1. for the regular size photos, i create a collage in picasa, then resize them in picmonkey to fit the width of my blog. for instagram size photos, i create a collage in picmonkey, then resize. let me know if you need more help! i can totally show you this weekend (so long as i'm feeling better by then!).


thanks for the input!