"i sure like to entertain myself these days. i've gotten really good at playing by myself in my pack 'n' play when mama or daddy need to get something done. one of my favorite toys is this dog that talks to me and sings. it's really fun to push her hand and hear her sing silly songs to me. i'm not sure i like it though when i leave her alone for a little while and she says things like "can you give me a hug?" and "i loooove you!" because that's just kind of weird. i always look back at her for a second though so she doesn't think i'm ignoring her, and then continue on my way.

another thing i really like to do while entertaining myself is read. yep, i'm a major book worm. some of my favorites right now are "hello, peter rabbit", "animals everywhere", "doggies", "one potato" and this set of books that has pages within pages so i can flip the pages to see what is behind them. does that make sense? they're really a lot of fun. especially when there's a picture of a bwoon on a page (that's balloon, if you didn't already know!). i've also been really interested in pointing out different animals on pages when mama or daddy ask me where they are. i've gotten really good at finding the ducky and the pony in one of my books.

one more favorite thing right now is my see 'n say. it's one of those really cool toys that you pull a lever and it tells you what kind of noise a frog makes, or a pig, or a cow, or really, all sorts of animals. it's really fun to play with. it's especially fun when it's on the spot where it sings old mcdonald to you! that's the best!

you know what else? my kitty toy is broken, i think. she won't stop saying the same thing over and over again. and sometimes she just keeps running around, which isn't what she's supposed to do! i'm supposed to be able to catch her and then the game starts all over. instead, she's going in circles. mama and daddy are so tired of hearing it that they just don't turn it on for me anymore. oh well, i've got all sorts of other toys that make loud noises!

anyway, those are some of my favorite toys right now!


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