it didn't start out perfect. by all means, it started out very cranky. i was cranky (go figure). i stayed up way too late the night before playing around with pictures and different looks to this blog and by the time i finally did convince myself that i couldn't keep my eyelids open any longer and layed my head down on my oh-so-comfortable pillow, the little boy had awoken. i should have expected it, i know. and since it was a weeknight and i didn't have to go anywhere for my job, i was on duty. duty being: 1. comfort little boy when he wakes up, 2. bring him to my bed to share my comfy pillow if needed, 3. stroke his little cheek until he falls asleep or i fall asleep, whichever happens first. and so i did. i pulled myself out of bed and groggily walked into his bedroom to comfort him from his nightmares. and because i was so tired and didn't want to fall asleep rocking him back to sleep, i decided right then and there to just turn off the humidifier, fan and night light in his room and bring him to my bed where, we would snuggle up together keeping each other warm (since he doesn't like blankets) and quickly fall back to sleep. well, we snuggled up and kept each other warm, that's for sure, but there was no quickness to us falling back to sleep. in fact, it took a heck of a lot longer than i was anticipating. and then i started to get real cranky.

me: all i want to do is sleeeep. why are you tossing so?
little boy: (no response.)
me: please just get comfy already so we can get a few hours of sleep in before you decide it's not worth it and wake up for the day.
little boy: (still, no response.)
me: alright. but i'm gonna go to the bathroom so sit tight.
little boy: waaaaahhh!!!

yep, he cried. he cried because i went to the bathroom and left him in bed with his daddy. 'cause we all know that's THE WORST. anyway, when i came back he decided tossing and turning was a thing of the past and he was going to sleep. and sleep we did, for a little bit. not long enough though to prevent me from feeling super exhausted when he decided to wake up at 7:30. and wake up he did! with smiles galore and kisses aplenty. so up we got and started our day: me cranky, him happy.

daddy left for work shortly after our awakening so i was left with this super happy little boy for all of ten more minutes. after those ten minutes and four bites of waffle, half a bowl of yogurt and a handful of grapefruit pieces, happy little boy turned into cranky little boy, just like his mama. and cranky little boy? he wasn't about to return to his happy self until he was out of that highchair and doing whatever his little heart wanted to do. which today, that entailed pulling everything out of the coffee table chest, 'petting' ripley, throwing toys and dropping mama's phone (once), leaving trails of vanilla flavored puffs for ripley to find, creating music with his drum(s) and piano, flipping through magazines, walking walking and more walking, throwing his shoes around, falling on the floor whining because i wouldn't let him in the fridge and lots and lots of reading. oh! and apparently trying to give his mama a heart attack, or something.

and then came nap time. and nap time was glorious. cranky little boy turned into happy little boy who turned into tired little boy and this time he quickly fell asleep in my arms. and when he was placed into his crib, not a sound was made or a stirring was done. he slept and slept and slept. for two hours, i believe. and during those two hours i also slept. and because i slept, my crankiness level went down a few notches and my happiness level was on the move, movin' on up. and i awoke with a smile.

and from there we had lunch together (which went much better than breakfast), watched an episode of his favorite show ever, 'bubble guppies', and did more of the aforementioned things that he likes to do on any given day. and another nap time came and another nap was had (!!!). and this made me very happy for two reasons: 1. he hasn't been taking two naps regularly and when it does happen, it makes life easier and, 2. i was able to get a good workout in. (yoga x, you kick my butt. and i'm very grateful to have you in my life.)

and when the day was said and done, i realized that it was perfect. it was perfect because even though it started out with me being in a cranky mood and my happy little boy turning into a cranky little boy, that little boy was in my life. and every day with him in it, can only be a perfect day.

and even if all that little boy wanted to do today was walk back and forth on the couch, i don't know how many times, all wobbly with his newfound toddler legs giving me a serious case of almost heart attacks, then i don't know how much more perfect it could get.

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