yep, i've come to the conclusion that my eczema is my worst enemy. and i'm very unhappy about it. you see, i've dealt with this irritating little skin disorder for my entire life. entire life, people! it hasn't been that bad until now. over the years, i've come to accept the fact that i have excessively dry skin and i don't help it at all by not using lotion or moisturizers or creams because i don't like that greasy feel most of them leave on my skin. so, i've learned to live with it: the itchiness, the little red marks/spots behind my knees and on the inside of my elbows. no big deal. until now, that is.

now? now i've got full-blown eczema. and from what i can gather (from the incredulous amount of information that i have found all over the internet) is that i have a specific form of it: dyshidrotic eczema. or, better known as, hand and foot eczema. and it sucks. it's probably the worst thing i've experienced in quite some time. heck, i'd even go so far as to say that i'd rather be in labor, giving birth to my almost 11-lb baby again instead of dealing with this. but, i'm not and i've got to deal with it, unfortunately.

i've got myself an appointment tomorrow with my primary doctor so hopefully she can confirm that i am correct about what form of eczema i've got and not tell me it's something completely different or worse. and that she can give me some more tips than the standby "keep your hands far away from water and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize". i've been keeping my hands far away from water recently, which means our dishes are piling up in the sink. and i'm pretty irritated by that fact, too. i've got some of those really awesome-looking dish gloves that i could use, if my hands weren't so irritated and painful, so i'm not. and i'd really, REALLY love a long, hot shower but that's out of the question, seeing as how i don't have any vinyl gloves that are lined with cotton, which i'm apparently supposed to use while in the shower. oh, and don't forget the fact that i need to throw out basically every shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and hair product that has a fragrance in it. because, ya know, that irritates the skin too. so what am i left with? oh yeah, the cetaphil cream justin brought home from the store for me last night, the neutrogena eczema essentials cream that i bought a few weeks ago that sometimes, kind of, curbs the itching, a big 'ole tub of shea butter from bath & body works that i'd been using up until all of these stupid blisters started to form on my right fingers, some eucerin calming cream that makes my hands stop itching because it causes them to burn instead (yeah, not using that currently), and, well, willpower.

i'm hoping justin can go to the store for me again tonight, since i am in no means about to go out in public looking like i do, what with no face wash/moisturizer that i can use and not being able to shower or wash my hair. i just keep hoping and wishing and praying that this little flare-up will go away as fast as it came and that it'll look all better soon. and that i'll be able to sleep without worrying about if i'm going to wake myself up scratching my fingers. and that i'll be able to cut landon up his fruit without worrying about it irritating my skin. and i really, really hope that i won't have to deal with too many of these flare-ups in my life, because ya know, who really wants to take showers with gloves on? not me. 


  1. ooh poor Lacey! I have REALLY bad eczema too, on my hands and my ankles. Not always on my ankles - just when it flairs up, but usually on the tops of my hands and it gets pretty bad at times. I've been prescribed a steroid cream which works awesome. There are two types though - a cream and an "ointment" (oil.). If you get this same thing, ask for the cream - which is more like lotion and WAY less oily! The ointment is basically like vaseline, yuck! I hated using it! I was also prescribed a pill, basically a heavy duty benedryl, back when it hit my legs so bad I couldn't sleep and I would wake up itching them like crazy. The pill worked well...sort of. It was a little tiny pink pill, about the size of a split pea. Even though it was SO tiny, it was super potent. I took the whole pill a couple days, but literally felt like I was on valium from it. I started cutting them in half, and as long as I got at least 8 hours of sleep, I felt perfectly fine the next day and within a month it totally cleared up and I stopped using the pills. That was about 4 years ago and it's never come back on my legs or ankles, and only rarely comes back in small patches on my hands... anyway, that's my experience! It's the WORST though! SO sorry! Hope your doc gets you something good and you get cleared up soon! :)

  2. Gosh, that sounds miserable. I have dealt with some skin issues but nothing like that. I found your blog via a comment on Bleubird and I'm so glad I did! Love finding a new great blog to follow!



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