since justin and i are in las vegas right now having a blast, i'm sure, i thought i'd have this post prepared for you in advance. enjoy!


seriously, could this mama and her daughter be any cuter? probably not. here's some more photos.

i always enjoy reading what danielle has to say and this post hit home for me. justin's really been itching to go camping and i just might have to give in, one of these days.

a new blog i've come across and couldn't be happier!

if you haven't done so already, head on over to shabby apple's fb page and enter their swimsuit giveaway! and while you're there, enter their dress giveaway too!

and how about another giveaway? this one's from ruche and you could win a $100 gift card!

this guy is creating some pretty epic pictures. check them out.

oh my gosh. these snickerdoodle muffins look heavenly!

came across this blog about make-ahead freezer meals. i haven't really looked into it but i've definitely pinned it for future reference.

i'm obsessing over these prints. who says children's illustrations have to be used in children's rooms?

thinking about wrapping presents like this for christmas. and while i'm doing that, i want to make this ornament, or something similar.

and, since we're in vegas, i thought i'd share these lovely pictures of venice (actual venice), since we're probably strolling through the fake venice right now at the venetian. 

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