happy father's day, y'all! it's been a good one for us, that's for sure. landon and i spent some time alone together this  morning while justin went kayaking with his dad so we made french toast! landon loved it and ate every last bite of his piece. (that's unheard of these days, people!) after justin got back, we loaded up the car and headed over to corvallis to visit avery park. we ate a picnic lunch (that consisted of mcdonald's. YES.) and walked all over that place, chasing after a little boy that really only wants to walk (read: run) by himself. that's right, he doesn't want to hold your hand. i end up tricking him into it though because really, what mom doesn't want to hold her son's hand, amiright?!

justin's attempting to put landon down for a nap now (good luck!) since he only slept about 30 minutes this morning and from what i can tell, it doesn't sound like it's going very easy for him. so, i don't have a lot of links to share this week because i've been spending a lot of time nursing my poor hand back to good health (read this, here) which consists of twice-daily coverings of ointment on my hand and i really don't want to get ointment all over my keyboard. can you say icky and hard to clean? well, i can.


oh how i love bleubird and the lovely things she does with her beautiful family. i'm really digging this post on homemade butter right now.

isn't this a great post on 'letting dads be dads' by natalie? i think so.

super, super happy for this couple right here.

some adorable pictures of one of the cutest little girls around.

another post from natalie. can you tell she's one of my favorites?

seriously, this creamy tomato basil pasta looks sooo good.

speaking of food, i used this recipe to make french toast this morning. delish.

can someone please find me this, or make one for me? i'll be forever indebted to you!

mandy is hilarious. so funny. i've been following her blog for a while now and once she got instagram, i was so happy. imagine the fits of laughter i had once she got the app "add a cat" for her phone. oh my gosh, i almost peed my pants!

i was super happy to see this post in my blog feed this week from jasmine. so happy her and her little baby are doing so well.

okay, hop on over to naomi's blog to see an adorable pic of her hubby with their two (!!!) kids on father's day.

never again am i wearing a silly nametag at big events unless it looks like this. i'll also take some of these stickers.

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