this last weekend was a great one, that's for sure! we spent a lot of time together as a family and that's my favorite way to spend the weekends. friday evening was spent at my dad's house for a bbq where we stayed just a little too long, unfortunately. landon ended up having a pretty difficult time going to bed that evening but come saturday morning, he was raring to go! luckily for me, i have the greatest husband in the world -- he got up with landon bright and early and let me sleep in. until 10:30! at which time he had to get in the shower to get ready for his man-date that he was super excited about: hawaiin grinds and the movie prometheus. again, luckily for me, i wasn't invited so i didn't have to see this movie. whew! instead, my good friend lindsey came over with fried chicken and mac&cheese so we ate and talked and caught each other up on what has been going on in our lives, as of late. from there, the weekend just stayed awesome. sunday morning came and we decided to all get in the car and try to find some garage/yard sales in the area. despite our best efforts of driving all over town we had no luck. apparently most of the sales were happening the day before, phooey! the rest of sunday was spent shooting some hoops, reorganizing the garage and playing with the little one that only wanted to walk/run everywhere. that evening we headed over to justin's parent's for a little bit of convo before the weekend ended. all in all, great two-and-a-half days!


okay, i've so got to try this lemon-blueberry breakfast cake. looks so good! maybe next weekend.

isn't this an adorable wooden toy set? i'd love to get it for landon.

heading on a roadtrip soon with a little one? this post has some fun ideas for games/activities for the long car ride. i'm so going to do the magnet story board some day!

i am pretty obsessed with getting our backyard just perfect these days. unfortunately, i don't have the funds to do anything to it yet so it's just a lot of brainstorming/planning. this post is dedicated to a family's backyard paradise. i would love to make a teepee for landon.

this picture is for my sister. c;

i'm so making this watermelon punch and bowl this summer. it looks so pretty!

i am in love with this breakfast nook! adorable.

these iphone cases look super cool. i'm really digging the calm colorway.

the new 'draw something'? hm..looks addicting.

have you checked out treat yet? well, you should. and while you're there creating a new account, use code FREETREAT for a free card!

**picture from a couple weeks ago, at my dad's house.

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  1. just downloaded the new game :)
    i miss you, friend!!!!


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