this weekend is another long one, sort of. justin has monday off and we're looking forward to spending time together and maybe get a little more yard work done. he, in fact, is doing some yard work now as i type up this post. what a good man i've got, huh?

this post had me giggling. that natalie just knows how to write.

want to check out some pretty pictures of venice? then head on over to lissa's blog. she's got some good ones. and while you're there, check out the cute little video she made.

in case you haven't heard: baby boy davis has arrived! as has baby boy coulson. aren't both babies just divine? and little violet. yep, she's here too.

did you enter the giveaway yet for a chair from thrive? no? oh good, 'cause i'm gonna win it anyway.

seriously, could henry get any cuter?!

i'm really digging this fox pillow for landon. i'd take this bear, too. heck, while i'm there i might as well get this print!

i really want to try this diy letter art. if you'd rather just buy some, check them out here.

also, i'm pretty sure i need this cutting board. and one of these necklaces. i love me some state love!

isn't this tote super adorable? i think i need one.

i need a hairstyle. ideas?

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