it's no secret that i like to shop. my most favorite thing to shop for though is clothes for landon! it's so much fun to peruse the little boy section and put together little outfits for him. old navy is my go-to place for little boy clothes. everything is priced just right and their clothes are so stinkin' adorable! plus, if you're lucky, a lot of their clothes are on clearance at any given time and sometimes you hit the jackpot with really cute clothes. those are my favorite days! anyway, a little collage of some items i'd pick up at old navy RIGHT NOW if landon weren't sleeping and if justin didn't have the car. oh well!

one \\ two \\ three \\ four \\ five \\ six \\ seven \\ eight \\ nine \\

i am in love with the little swim trunks and those flip flops! he's going to need those for when he starts his swim lessons at the end of this month. he's going to look so cute.

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