on some days, like today, i'll turn a cartoon on just so i can snuggle with my little guy. most days all he wants to do is run around the house like he's just eaten a carton of cookies or chugged a can of soda (which, he has never, ever done. just to be clear!). and then there are some days where he just wants to read all day long, which is perfectly fine with me. that is, until i've read all the books in our house about four times over and i feel like i can't possibly read "one potato" one more time and then he goes and grabs me said book and hands it to me with such ferocity and proceeds to climb up onto the couch that i just want to hide "one potato" for the rest of the day. (this happens about once a week.) speaking of climbing onto the couch: he's mastered it. he can do it all by himself now and that's the way he prefers, actually. even if that means i hold my breath each time he does it because i'm a worry-wart and am terribly scared that he's going to fall over backwards so i sneakily hover behind him until he manages to find his was on top of the cushions, standing there with so much pride. it's quite cute, really.

and then there are other days, like yesterday, where teething was a nightmare and i didn't get a single second to myself. yes, i'm going to be one of those mom's and complain about it because sometimes, a mama needs a minute alone to recoup from the craziness that is a toddler and just be able to breath. in silence. and yesterday was not one of those days. morning nap was only 30 minutes which barely gave me time to go to the bathroom in peace before he woke up and just flat out refused to go back down. and then afternoon nap? well, that one was a doozy! after about an hour of coaxing him into just the right position to fall asleep in, i took this picture:

and do you have any guesses as to what happened merely minutes after taking it? well, if you guessed that he promptly woke up, you'd be right! so, i did what any other mom would do (well, any other mom that rocks her baby to sleep), i rocked and rocked and rocked that little boy. for about another hour. and during that hour he would fall asleep for a couple minutes, then wake, then take a few more minutes to get comfy again before he would drift off and then wake and this cycle repeated until a few minutes before justin got home from work. which meant that he didn't actually get an afternoon nap, not really. and so this mama didn't get a shower until justin came home and i hated it. by the time justin walked in the door, i was ready to be left alone.

but then my shower was over and dinner was ready to eat (thanks babe!) and my little boy was raring to play again and i, well, i wasn't. so i watched justin play with him and marveled at how this little boy of mine was so energetic and happy even if he didn't have a good nap at all today. and so when he brought me toys, i played. and when he climbed up on the couch and walked all over and drooled all over me (thanks again teething!) and handed me his shoes, i thanked him. because that's what you do as a mama; gone are the days of long showers and alone time. and you know what? i'm okay with that. so long as not every day is a day without naps. c:

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