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so, a while back i happened across this little gem called altitude design summit. i'm not exactly sure which blog i found it on but it's quite possible it was either nat the fat rat, pacing the panic room, or say yes to hoboken. it's basically a mecca for anything blog-related: photography, food, lifestyle, fashion, design, you name it! many popular (shall i say, famous?!) bloggers/fashionistas/designers/photographers gather there and have panel discussions on a myriad of things including the above listed topics. and once i found out about it, i was itching to go. now, i just discovered alt after the 2012 gathering and i was super disappointed. and so i had my sights set on 2013. and then i realized the price tag. and all of the other costs associated with flying to salt lake city and what would i do with landon? and the list goes on. so, once again, i was disappointed. and then! then alt decided to make alt channel -- a place where some of those same speakers from alt 2012 would offer hour-long classes to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. and i couldn't have been more excited. i quickly snatched myself a spot in liz stanley's blogging 101 and justin hackworth's dslr 101.

i learned so much! and had such a good time doing so! everything was so easy to do: from signing in, to asking questions, to the downloadable content at the end of the video conference. both liz and justin were great instructors and am definitely excited to take a couple more of their classes.

i haven't had an opportunity to sign up for another one recently but keep receiving my monthly emails from them about the new line-ups of classes being offered and keep flagging them, but then life gets in the way and i just find myself having a hard time clicking the 'add to cart' button in time to snag myself up a seat. and this month?! well, this month i received a great email from alt. for the month of july, bing is offering away two free alt channel classes! my top choices? getting started with advertising for bloggers, graphic design for bloggers, and dslr 201.

so, all of you peeps should check out alt channel because, well, it's awesome! the people are awesome, the topics are awesome. i mean, how could it not be with people like liz stanley, melanie blodgett, laurie smithwick, and victoria hudgins. so seriously, hop on over and take a look. you won't regret it!

big thanks to Bing for making this possible!


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