we love spring over here. we love the weather and the freshly cut smell of grass and all of the beautiful flowers blooming. yep, we love spring. two weekends ago, we put landon down in the grass (barefoot) and he hated it. full on screamed and cried and didn't know what to do. he was on his hands and feet and just couldn't even fathom how to stand up in it. this last weekend though? he was wearing shoes and long pants and he loved it. he walked all over in it, crawled in it and even tried to put some of it in his mouth. he was one happy camper.

*picture taken with instagram, using the 'sierra' filter, i believe.
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**also: it was brought to my attention i have a typo in this post.
landon was 17lbs, 27 inches at his four-month check-up NOT 23 inches.
if he was 23 inches, that would've meant he didn't grow AT ALL in four months.
i apologize for any confusion this may have caused. c;

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