i was lucky enough to spend mother's day with my two favorite people (and dog!). we woke up at a decent time, had our breakfast of waffles (which landon seemed to really enjoy) and got ready for the day. i had already made up my mind to spend the day at silver falls but because of their pet restrictions, we didn't go. i was not about to leave one member of my family home on a family outing so i was a little disappointed. luckily, justin the trooper he is, convinced me that we could still have fun hiking, just not at silver falls. so, we headed over to corvallis to the peavy arboretum area and hiked on the 'old growth trail'. it was a moderate hike for two very out of shape twenty-something's. i was really proud of myself as i managed to carry landon in the bjorn for the first half while justin carried him for the second! after the hike we had a little picnic on the roadside by our car that justin packed for us. landon had his first lunch meat sandwhich and i'm pretty sure he loved it.

the rest of the day was spent with a little lounging at home during landon's nap, some time with my mom and some time over at justin's parent's house as well.

all in all, a lovely mother's day was had. looking forward to next year.

**all photos on the hike taken by my darling husband.
except for the last two, and the one of him and ripley. 

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