landon is growing up so fast that one of the few places where he actually still looks like a tiny little boy to me is when he is sitting on the couch, all by himself. he fits right in the middle so perfectly. i love it.

we started this weekend off right with early morning awakenings by a sweet little boy and pancakes all-around! regular for justin and landon and chocolate chip for me. we spent time together on saturday, just hanging out. grocery shopping was taken care of, as was some yard work. on sunday i was able to see the hunger games! i loved every second of it and can't wait for the other two movies. seriously, i am obsessed. the rest of the day was spent enjoying our time together. today, justin and landon are spending the holiday at justin's parent's house and i stayed behind (stupid not feeling well!). i figured i'd get a post up while they were gone, eating good food, i'm sure!

i hope you are enjoying the long weekend. we've got an extra long one over here as justin also has tomorrow off. we had plans of going to the zoo but depending on the weather and how i'm feeling, who knows!


i would love to get my hands on this flatware set for summer bbq parties!

i'd also really like to either buy this or make it myself. it would be perfect in our backyard.

is this not a darling dress or what?

watermelon is one of my favorite things to eat in the summer. and this sorbet looks so yummy!

seriously, can someone please get me this dog?

speaking of dogs, how cute are these doghouses?

if you haven't already, hop on over to bleubird blog and check out this video. and while you're there, you might as well take a peek at how they announced the sex of their little baby!

speaking of announcements! my friend kayla made this one a little while ago but it's so cute nonetheless!

can we please talk about this man and his love for this lady and their baby? oh my gosh. it's beautiful.

i'm pretty determined to make this headboard. i think it'll look quite nice in our bedroom until we can afford the one i really want. although, i'm having a hard time deciding if i want to buy this one or this one in dark weave. (any ideas on where to get some good, rustic, used, pallet boards?)

i also want to make this sideboard. (on a smaller scale, of course!) i've been on a sideboard kick lately. c;

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