yep, this week flew by. in fact, i'm having a hard time believing it's actually friday. i guess i'll fully believe it when we wake up tomorrow and justin doesn't leave to go to work.

we had big plans for this weekend to spend a night at the coast but the weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate so i don't think that is going to happen. so, who knows what we are going to do. with the weather going downhill fast it's not looking like we'll spend much time outside either, which is a major bummer -- i am itching to get our backyard looking the way we want it to. we've been spending a lot of time trying to decide between a cedar deck or composite decking. if we go the cedar route, we can definitely afford it this summer. if we go with composite, there's still a possibility we might be able to afford it this year but more likely will have to wait until next summer, and that blows. BUT if we go with cedar, then we've got to stain it and seal it and worry about splinters and that doesn't sound like fun. at all. SO...we're still in the same predicament with making decisions; we're slow-going.


if you have a son, read this. it made me smile.

okay seriously. this lady and her family are too cute. especially harper. i mean, look at her hair!

totally thinking about making these muffins for landon this weekend.

if i was to ever get pregnant again (and that's still very undecided) i might use this for inspiration. and i'd definitely get this print.

i'm kind of in the mood to redecorate. and i might want to go with a beach theme for the bathroom. click through the pics and you'll see what i mean. and then i'll take this for the dining room. thanks.

this diy for hand-painted linen towels looks like so much fun.

how cute is this candy store in australia?

want to get away for memorial day but need some help in planning? check this out. i'd like to go here.

i love the zoo and can't wait to take landon this summer. these pics are definitely making it hard to wait.

a neat little lens that looks like fun. i love bokeh.

this drink, this summer. yum. i'm also really digging the glass.

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