happy weekend everyone!

we're starting this weekend with high hopes of the weather being conducive to a few walks, some time spent outside playing in the grass and good 'ole relaxing! justin is on-call this weekend so it's possible that landon and i might not see him very much but it's also possible that we'll see him a whole bunch! it's always bittersweet for me when he is on call; i want him to stay home with us and at the same time, i want him to get a bunch of calls to bring in some moolah. i never know what i actually want and when he does get a call, i find myself a little disappointed. oh well, as is life, right?

i don't have a long list of links for you this week but what i do have, i think is worth checking out! enjoy. c:


i would really like to have one of these bangles. i'll take it one in every color, actually.

i'm really enjoying these diy map coasters. i think they would look so cute in my living room.

i love viemasters and i especially love that you can get your own pictures put into one! check it out.

katie's popsicles look so delicious. i can't wait for warmer weather to get here.

frozen yogurt covered blueberries? yes, please. thanks jillee!

i love the little updates i get on facebook from la posh style. you should follow them too.


i hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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