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swimsuit season is upon us. for some, it's already here. and who desperately needs a new suit or two? me. i've still got quite a few in my dresser drawer that no longer fit me, what with the 50+ pounds i gained while pregnant with landon and the fact that i have yet to get back down to pre-pregnancy weight (which, i'm working on). so, they no longer fit me. BUT! even if they did fit around my hips and everywhere else, i probably still wouldn't wear them. again, because of the 50+ stretch marks i was blessed with while pregnant with landon. yeah, i've got them all over. and i don't think it's very pretty to look at. c; i've been using this lotion hoping that they'll go away and i have yet to see any changes but my fingers are crossed that i will!

so, until they all go away, never to be seen again, i've sworn myself to one piece suits. and i'm okay with that. here's a few that i'm lusting over from shabby apple.

// one // two // three // four //

now all i need to do is get my butt into gear and commit to a workout schedule! i can do this!

any nice one-pieces you'd recommend?


pictures borrowed from here.
and placed into collage using this.

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  1. i hear ya on the mom-suit! Love my one piece! haha! Plus, my boobs fall out of my two piece now - not awesome.


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