tomorrow is friday. for us, that means landon and i get to spend some good 'ole time with my mom and sistah. luckily for me, they're coming over in the morning so i can shower without worrying that my little guy is going to wake up from his nap within two minutes of me stepping into the shower (which he almost always does!) and so i can get ready because after that? we're going to lunch. i'm so looking forward to spending some time with my own mama and my little sis. and i'm sure landon is just as excited to spend it with his auntie courtney and grandma tammy (or as my mom likes to say, "gamma tammy").

also on the agenda for tomorrow? finally getting around to putting landon's handprints and footprints in his baby book. yeah, i know you're supposed to do that when they're really little and everything but i'm not really good about doing things when you're supposed to do them. i figure as long as they're in the book, it's good enough. plus!! we have that keepsake birth certificate thing that you get at the hospital that has his newborn handprints and footprints in it. since i'm doing them this late in the game, he'll have a good reference as to how much he has grown in a year. right?!

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