i love h&m. the main reason? price. everything is so affordable. and cute. and fun. and colorful. basically everything i want in a wardrobe. however, the closest h&m to me is in portland. anddd..although i find basically all of their dresses adorable, a few too many of them are just too short for my liking. they do look cute on the models though!

i am particularly lusting over the blue and white dress with kimono sleeves, the flowy v-neck and the tiered skirt. next time i'm up there tho, i may just have to pop in and try on those floral trousers. (and if i was a few years younger, and pre-pregnancy figure, i might also just try on that romper. c;) also, i'd love to get landon these shorts. and this shirt for justin.

anything particular catch your eye?


all images borrowed from h&m


  1. i had never gone to h&m before just a few weeks ago. in love!!!
    xo TJ

  2. I bought that blue and white dress but in a different print. I love it!!!!


thanks for the input!