dearest landon,

a year has come and gone since you entered this bright world of ours. being the slacker that i am, i never wrote you a letter on your actual birthday and i am so terribly sorry for that. i hope you enjoy reading these letters someday as much as i enjoy writing them.

over the past year i have learned a lot. both your daddy and i have. we've learned that sometimes when you are teething, you don't want anything to eat or drink unless it comes from nursing. we've learned that when you are done eating, or just plain bored with food, you start to throw all of your food onto the ground so ripley can eat it. yes, ripley loves it but it's not good for him and so we are trying to rid you of this habit. it's not going so well at the moment. we've learned that you have an abundance of kisses first thing in the morning and they are much harder to come by later in the day; sometimes i'll get one right before bed. we've learned that you absolutely love anything and everything to do with ripley: his bed is one of your favorite places to be during the day, or sitting by him on the mat by the back door, or splashing around in his water dish. we've learned that there really isn't a food that you don't like, yet. we hope this continues and that you have a diverse palate, unlike your mama. we've learned that you strongly dislike walking in the grass barefoot but if we put you in a pair of shoes, you can walk forever. we've also learned that you can sit and look out a window for a very long time, so long as there are birds flying or hopping around, the wind is blowing the trees or it's raining and the water is cascading down the window. we've learned that as soon as we start singing songs from 'mickey mouse clubhouse' or 'bubble guppies' that you turn to the tv, expecting it to be on. we've learned that you are an avid reader, especially of the book 'doggies'. we've learned that anything resembling a balloon is now a "booon" and you can't help but point at it and squeal in excitement. we've learned that you like to cry when you don't get your way and as unhappy as you are, it's quite cute. we've learned that bananas and cheese really don't sit well with you so we have to limit your intake of them, which is quite sad because you seem to really love cheese. especially if it's in the macaroni and cheese form. we've learned that you are a social little guy, always willing to go to anyone that stretches their arms out to you and is smiling. we're very happy you are comfortable with just about anyone as it makes it that much easier to leave you with a sitter if need be (although, i'd much rather just take you with us anywhere). we've learned that it's taking a little longer than we thought it would but you've really started to get a hang out of using your sippy cups. hopefully bottles will be a thing of the past soon. we've learned you don't really care to sleep with blankets, at all. you always kick them off as soon as you come to bed with us.

we've learned that nothing in this world could've made us happier than the day God graced us with you. you that wakes us up early on saturday mornings when all we want to do is sleep, you that giggles and giggles when we tickle your neck, you that strongly dislikes your carseat most of the time. you, landon, are our entire world.

your mama

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  1. love it! Zeek hates blankets too!! always makes me cold by kicking them off!! haha!


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