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obsessing over: going to the movies on monday with justin. he was originally scheduled to be on-call on memorial day but since one of his co-workers was willing to take his shift, he has it off. we plan on spending the day together, as a family, except for a short period of time when we are going to see the hunger games. seriously, couldn't be more excited than i am right now. i've been dying to see this since it came out and even more so that i just finished the series. (more on that later.)

listening to: switchfoot - beautiful letdown. i do this thing where i get into a certain type of mood for music and i listen to that music on repeat. until i finally get sick of it. and that takes me a while to do. i've been listening to this particular record for a couple of weeks now, along with a little "your love is a song" thrown in there for good measure. c:

watching: all of the new seasons of reality shows that are currently on or about to start. current favorites include 'keeping up with the kardashians', 'hgtv design star', and the series finale of 'teen mom'. i know, i know, they are all just filled with crazy amounts of drama, especially 'the kardashians'. BUT! i love that drama! it's a mindless tv show where i can just sit on the couch and just be. and i love that. especially after a trying day. c;

thinking about: dementia and alzheimer's disease. my grandpa was diagnosed with dementia a while ago and i've been noticing lately how bad it has really gotten. he has no idea who i am, who my grandma is or that his parents are no longer living. he refuses to believe that they are gone and that he is married. he constantly complains about not having any money, wants to go for car rides and is always worried if he's gone for too long about his dog. which, ironically, is the one thing he seems to remember. he believes his two sons are actually his brothers, who have long ago passed, and the woman that lives across the street is just another woman who lives across the street, when in reality it's his daughter. he always acts like he might know you when you drop by to say hello but doesn't really say much else the entire time you're there. it's quite sad to watch and actually breaks my heart. i constantly feel like i'm already grieving the loss of my grandpa -- and he's still alive and kicking. the only consolation i have is memories.

reading: the hunger games trilogy. well technically i just finished the series yesterday. i don't know what took me so long to go out and buy the darn books but i finally bit the bullet and bought the first book last week at walmart. it was only $6 so i thought that it wasn't really a waste of money if for some reason i didn't like it. well, i loved it. so much so that i went to target the day i finished it and bought all three in hardback. (i'm weird and like my books to be all the same, if they're part of a series.) i finished book two in a matter of a day and book three in a day-and-a-half. loved every single one of them. i think my favorite had to be 'catching fire'. and i cried through almost all of 'mockingjay'. well, at least the last third, c; seriously, if you're considering reading the series,  just go buy them already! they are so good. they're easy to read and yet so intense! i haven't read a book that quickly, with that much intensity since harry potter. now that's saying something.

eating: lightly frosted shredded wheat. i've been trying to eat somewhat healthier lately, albeit i still have a bowl of ice cream while watching said reality shows every once in a while AND i can't quite kick my habit of chocolate fudge pop-tarts for breakfast but i have been eating better in other areas. for example: my portion sizes are much smaller (except for last night when i had pizza. bad, i know.) and my lunches are much healthier. i've been eating lightly frosted shredded wheat, small handfuls, for a snack or for a side at lunch. along with some fruit. did you know that one cup of shredded wheat has 95% of your recommended servings of whole wheat? well, it does! and they're tasty to boot.

working on: transferring all of my dear landon posts to a book for landon. i've been writing him letters that i don't put on this blog as well because i want him to have some personal letters that only myself and justin have read. recently i purchased this notebook and have been working on either printing and attaching the letters to the pages or copying the letters over. i've really excited about this and plan on doing this throughout his childhood. it might be wishful thinking but i hope he enjoys reading them when he's older.

wishing: we could afford to put in a deck this weekend! ever since we moved here, we've been dreaming about building a deck where we can eat dinners, watch landon play outside with ripley and just enjoy our backyard. unfortunately, we haven't been able to afford it quite yet. it's looking like we may be able to afford one before the end of the year but that means another summer without one. which means we probably wouldn't actually put one in until next year. oh well, as is life, right?


thanks danielle for doing this on your blog and inviting us to play along!

**photo taken with my iphone, using instagram.
an hour or so later, it decided to storm. c:

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