okay, so i know i posted this picture on my phone dump yesterday but i just had to dedicate a single post to this picture. i mean, do you see that my little boy is standing all by himself?! and you wouldn't believe when i say that not only was he standing for a few seconds, he was standing for, like, ever. i was sitting next to him playing with him and his duck when the timer went off on the oven for the cookies to be pulled out. i thought to myself "ok, he's gonna sit down as soon as i walk away. whatev." nope! he stood long enough for me to walk into the kitchen, pull the cookie sheet out and set it on top of the oven, turn the oven off, take my oven mitt off, grab my phone, turn the camera on, get close enough to snap this shot AND upload it to instagram. yeah, that's my boy. he's one strong little guy.

and you know what else? he's kinda walking. that's right! he's taking a couple steps every now and again. and lucky for me, i was able to witness the first ones on my lunch break from work last week. i was so happy! i'll get around to posting a video here sometime soon. until then, just admire my cutie in his pj's.

*don't his feet look exceptionally large in this photo?
it's an illusion; he's got perfectly proportioned tootsies. c;

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  1. He looks like he is really steady standing there too. Wow. *Linda*


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