RECENTLY | 4.2.12

happy new week everyone!! it's crazy because i just had to delete what i had written prior to this because i actually typed out 'happy saturday!' and it's not saturday. it's monday. it sure feels like saturday to me though. and you know why? because every day is going to be a saturday. at least for the next couple of weeks, anyway! and that's because i am now officially a stay-at-home mama! and for the next two weeks, it's only gonna be me and my boy. that's right, just us two. (after that, i'll be watching another little guy which i'm super excited about!)

so how was my first day of being a stay-at-home mama? it was lovely. so lovely. minus the fact that my little guy was super stubborn about his naps today. i chalk it up to the fact that on the weekends, justin tends to put landon down for his naps and bedtime because it's really hard for me to get him in his crib AND during the weeks, there's someone else here doing his naptime routine so today really threw him a curveball. not only was i home all day long with him, i was the one doing naptime. so this morning he only slept for about 30 minutes and this afternoon? about an hour. (+another hour of him napping on me, which i didn't mind.) oh, and how long did it take me to actually put him down at each of those junctures? about an hour. or more. it was crazyy. but i'm not complaining. c;


now, i haven't uploaded many pics of landon lately so i'm going to do a nice little phone dump. so get ready!!
*all photos taken with my iphone and edited in the instagram app.
if you follow me on instagram, sorry for the redundancy.
if you don't follow me on instagram, why not?
if you want to, let me know 'cuz i'm private and all.
my username? what else but laceyhorstthomas. c;

**and please disregard the hideous length of drapes in our living room.
i hate them with a passion. but love the drapes themselves.
it's a never-ending battle.

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  1. I'm excited too! Not to go back to work, but to have such wonderful people for him to spend time with!


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