believe it. my little boy is one year old. seriously. i'm gonna be one of those moms for a quick second and say things like: 'where did the time go?' and 'how did this happen?' and 'it seems like only yesterday...'. like i said, a quick second. because now? now i'm on to thinking things like: 'what? because he's one he's decided he no longer needs two naps? c'mon!' and 'this weaning thing really sucks' and 'he looks so grown up now!'. yep, that's where i'm at currently. in utter disbelief and amazement.

a few pictures from the 12-month photo sesh taken on friday, his actual 12-month mark.


  1. ooooh weaning?! How's that going?? On one hand, really looking forward to it... and on the other hand, dreading it because he goes to sleep so quick and easy when he's nursing!! :/

  2. meh, it's ok. I'm really struggling with it. like, really. I'm only doing it, for the most part, because he started to on his own. it's been hard for me because I really enjoy that closeness from it and yet, I'm so ready to not have to worry about it anymore. he still nurses once in the morning and once before bed but that's it. he seems to be adjusting just fine from it tho which is really nice!


thanks for the input!