this weekend started off right! justin got home from work (which thankfully allowed me time to shower in peace!) and we headed into town to get some panda express. we're a panda-lovin' family over here. after dinner, of which landon ate ALL of his (!!!), we crossed the street to do a little shopping at old navy. i've been wanting some more summery clothes (dresses, skirts, tees) and old navy is my go-to place for anything light and flowy within my budget. so, off we went. it never fails though, when i know i want a specific thing or i have a bit of money to spend, they never seem to have anything that looks remotely good on me. i picked out seven things to try on and only one looked halfway decent. so, i bought that one skirt and three t-shirts. not quite the trip i was hoping for but at least i found one thing! justin bought a couple packs of undershirts and landon got a new pair of pj's! (he is quickly outgrowing all of the ones he currently owns.)

the rest of this weekend is going to be filled with a load of barkdust to finish off the front yard rejuvination project, some mapping out the backyard to how we want it to be with flower beds and raised gardens and a potential deck in the future, (i'm really excited about this, btw.) and some good 'ole relaxing family time, with a few walks thrown in there for good measure. oh! and we'd like to find a jogging stroller too. but that might have to wait.

i hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy my findings around the internet this week. c:


i really want to get this book for landon.

also for landon: if he ever needs prescription glasses he might be getting a pair of these. who am i kidding? he'll probably just get some of them as sunglasses.

i'm loving all of these pretty pictures of teacups.

i want to stay here. if only for the clawfoot tubs in the bathrooms.

i'll take one of each of these. k, thanks.

loving this pillow. in both colors.

did you hear? betsey johnson filed bankruptcy. it's a sad day in the fashion world.

i took two classes from alt this month. i highly suggest you do in may. take a look!

i love mandy's weekly reviews. this week she was particularly inspiring.

danielle's is one of my favorite blogs i follow. i absolutely love this post.

this family. seriously adorbs.

just found modcloth this week. and i LOVE it.

my dear friend kristen, how i miss you. you never fail to make me smile.

finished this last week. working on a review. loved it. ready to start this.

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