today is going to be a good day. ya know how i can tell? the weather forecast on my phone. yep, it's supposed to be a beautifully sunny day today, tomorrow and monday. and i am SUPER stoked about it. so much so that we got up this morning and did a little bit of yardwork together as a family in the front yard. yep. we pulled weeds like no other. AND finally pulled out three bushes that were pretty at one point i'm sure, but now? they're just overgrown and look dead and they attract far too many bugs and bees and other things like that for right at the front of our house. so, out they went and hopefully today justin and i will find something to replace them. you see, we're going on a little date today. that's right, we're going to eat somewhere and then head on over to home depot. you're jealous, aren't you? btw: THANKS CODY!
i'm sure most of you have already heard this but for the small few that haven't: facebook now owns instagram. and for quite a pricey penny too.

care to see if you're a hoarder? luckily, i passed the test. i'm sure you will too. there's even a nifty little infographic.

as i'm sitting here typing this little post out, my hubby is laying on the loft floor playing video games and he even just said to me "i just got an awesome kill". so, i'm sure he would appreciate this article on why video games are good for you. c;

okay, i must say that i am in love with this patterned wood tiling by jamie beckwith. i have no idea what i would do with it and i'm pretty sure it wouldn't be able to go anywhere in our current house, but i love it just the same. my favorite? the enigma surface. sooo pretty.

i am so impressed by sprint and their short videos on how to save time doing normal every day tasks. like peeling a potato and speed-dry nail polish. my favorite? quick-peel eggs!! i wish i knew about this years ago.

here's another instagram goodie. i think this is such a good idea for parties. who wouldn't want to have their instagram picture printed instantly? i sure would!

this watch is so stinkin' cool! seriously, go check it out. c: (i'm talking to you justin)

are you so completely obsessed with your cellulite that you will do just about anything to get rid of it? well, here's a new technique, complete with a $2,500+ price tag. (don't worry, i'm not concerned myself)

i must say that one of my very favorite blogs (nat the fat rat) posted a song that i am really digging right now. yeah, i'm loving the staves right about now.

i have to say that i really dislike this commercial. i mean, i guess it could be funny but to me? it just makes me sad for the man named michael jordan that isn't THE michael jordan.

are you just as bummed as i am that picnik is gone? well, now there's PicMonkey. i haven't tried it myself yet but apparently it's by the same engineers. so, it must be good, right?

i think these ampersand note cards are seriously cute. don't you agree?

and finally: i am seriously obsessed with katie and her beautifully painted peony wall for her soon-to-be-here little girl. and isn't kesh just a gorgeous pregnant lady? (+ her blog is pretty gorgeous too, right?)

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