today started the way i wish every single day would start: with a happy boy, the sun shining and a walk with my family in the crisp spring air. we walked to a nearby park where landon tried the swings for the first time (we're not sure what he thinks of them yet) and ripley tugged and pulled because he was so excited to be outside! i love spring weather and will soak it in as much as the day will allow. which today, wasn't all that long. the sun was out for the entire morning and a tiny bit of the early afternoon but by 2 o'clock, it was gone. hidden behind the clouds, ne'er to come out the rest of the day. (well, at least not yet.)

landon got to spend some time with his grandpa and grandma thomas while j & i went to do a little bit more shopping for his birthday celebration on saturday. we got the majority of the decorations purchased and now only have the food items to buy that we don't want to spoil before this weekend. costco is so great when it comes to buying for a large amount of people. which means that all of you that have been invited better show up! (especially since i forgot to put rsvp stuff on the invites themselves so we have NO CLUE as to how many of you will show up so we're buying food like everyone will. i really don't want leftover hot dogs, meatballs and nachos for the next week! c;)

now that the little one is taking his nap and justin is finishing up the yardwork left over from this morning, i thought i'd take a quick minute or two and let y'all in on some fun and exciting stuff i've found this week! enjoy. c:


i found these cute little bags that are made to look like they are 2d when in fact, they're large enough to hold a laptop, notebook and a few other things you might need. they are so cute and fun! i'm particularly enjoying the 'bonjour' bag. go check 'em out!

i happened across this article and couldn't help but smile. how crazy would it be if you were walking along and saw a bear's foot print in the snow/dirt in town?

i have always thought a-frame houses to be a tiny bit tacky. that is, until i saw this one.

do you wish you were a better grill-er? well, maybe you'll be able to purchase these someday?

i think these plates are such a good idea. especially if you are on a diet or a super health consious.

i am a major nerd when it comes to computer games or video games. like, seriously. i'm the type of gamer that absolutely loves little kid's games. i happened across
this one and even though i haven't downloaded it yet or played it, it seems like one that might be right up my alley.

ok, so both justin and myself are obsessed with dyson. really obsessed. my picks? i would love to have this one. and this one for the car. justin would rather have one of these nifty fans.  or perhaps one of these. c;

i'm sure most of you know by now that i love instagram. a lot. and i am super excited that instagram is now available for android users too! seriously, if you haven't gotten it yet, you should. and once you get it, head on over to stickygram. they're having an easter special right now through monday if you enter EASTEREMAIL as a promo code for buy one, get one half off!


i hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend and enjoy easter sunday tomorrow! i know we will. c:

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