on landon's birthday, we did what everyone should do for their little one's very first birthday: spend it together, just the three of us. (unfortunately, ripley couldn't come with us.) we got up bright and early, well, as early as landon felt like getting up, got ready, had our breakfast and hit the road. where'd we go? why the coast, of course! (and just so you know, i said that last line like tom hanks does in polar express.)

it was a beautiful day. the sun wasn't out, but it wasn't raining either. we ate lunch at the chowder bowl in newport, which blows mo's completely out of the water if you ask me, took a few pictures in front of the ocean, and then headed on over to the aquarium. i'm pretty sure landon had a great time, pointing at everything and smiling and just seeming really intent to just be. it was a lovely time. i'm looking forward to many, many more little family excursions like this; exploring things through landon's perspective.

and then after the coast? yep, landon had his very first cupcake. and you know what? he loved it.

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  1. So cute! Happy birthday little Landon!


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