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before you say anthing, i know. wednesday wishlist on a thursday?! i've been having a hard time finding any free time lately. between taking care of a little boy that hasn't been feeling the best and not wanting to go down for naps very willingly, to the tiny naps he does take that i don't also nap or fill up with doing more birthday stuff or reading my new favorite book, bloom, there just hasn't been any time to update this precious blog of mine! gah! so, here's some lovely items that were supposed to go up yesterday. (shame on me, i know.)



1. hand painted salt&pepper shakers by SylwiaGlassArt
2. beautiful blue patterned placemats by toocutecustomcrafts
3. vintage sign that would look super cute in my kitchen by OldNewAgain
4. an adorable tangerine rooster by Claylicious

p.s. if you haven't already, do yourself a favor and buy bloom.
or, at the very least, check out kelle's blog, enjoying the small things.
you can thank me later.

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