"look mama! i'm eating like a big boy. well, almost. i'm using a spoon and eating from a bowl. that's progress, right? who cares if only a teeny, tiny bit of it ends up in my tummy or that the majority of it is in my lap? i sure don't. i'm learning and that's all that matters. well, that and the fact that it tastes good and this spoon? yeah, this spoon feels good to chew on because my mouth has been hurting some more from all of these teeth i'm cutting. and you know what else? at least you and daddy were smart enough to take my clothes off first. now you don't even have to worry about stains! see mama, it's okay that i'm growing up."

p.s. landon is basically eating grown-up foods now.
we still have a tiny bit of baby food left in the pantry though so we've been trying to give it to him.
he's pretty much telling us that he doesn't want it.
apparently, baby food doesn't taste as good as my cooking!

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