i'm a little late on posting about easter this year but i'm okay with that. which means, you'll have to be okay with it as well. well, i guess you don't have to be, but it'd be nice if you were.

this year was landon's second easter but really, his first easter. i only say that because last year on easter we had only been home from our nine-day stay at the hospital for a few days and we didn't celebrate it or anything. we stayed home and had our families bring us food. this year though, we went all over.

we got up bright and early on sunday morn to head over to chuch for their easter brunch and service. the brunch was tasty and we were able to see a lot of people that we hadn't seen in quite some time. unfortunately, we didn't get to partake in any of the service because we were in the nursery with landon, keeping him entertained to make sure he didn't have an easter morning meltdown from church being right smack-dab in the middle of his morning nap. he handled it very well. in fact, he conked out about two minutes into the car ride home after church and proceeded to sleep for almost three hours. it was glorious.

after he woke up from his siesta, we headed on over to easter with my mom and step-dad's families. we hung out for a bit, watched some of the family play corn-hole, watched a little of the masters and just everyone 'ooh' and 'aah' over how sweet landon is.

and then after that, we tried for another nap for landon, to no avail, and went to justin's parents house where we finally ate and had a grand 'ole time. unfortunately, the only part(s) of the day we took pictures of were before church and at my grandparents house. so, those are the only pics you get to see. enjoy!

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