well, since i still have no computer (grrr!!!! :c) i was lucky enough to snag a few minutes on my break at work to post a couple pics here on the good, 'ole blog. this last weekend, we had a family date night, on TWO nights! we went to the salem centre on saturday and bought landon a cute wooden puzzle with a giraffe, elephant and a lion. then we went to taco del mar and landon had his first taste of a cheese quesadilla. and guess what? my boy loved it. that's right; i've got a pretty good little eater on my hands! and then on sunday, not only did ripley get a visit to the groomer's but we also stopped at yogurt extreme and got ourselves some froyo. yep, landon loved it as well. which was surprising seeing as how he didn't care for the icecream at coldstone a few weeks ago.

oh! and before i forget! relish these pictures of landon because i cut his hair sunday night, and it's terrible. yep, you heard correctly. i did an AWFUL job. i should have just left it alone, i know. he looks so stylish in these pictures, doesn't he? well, not anymore. now he looks like a kid that took a pair of scissors and tried to cut his own hair, to no avail. it's crooked. it's short. it's sad.

i really, really need to try and attack it again.

please forgive the layout of this post. i was rushed.
and i'm still without my regular, trusty computer. so everything seemed weird.

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