today is march 22. two days into spring. and what happened yesterday? it snowed. like, really snowed. like, i-don't-want-to-drive-in-this-so-you-are-going-to-honey type of snow. so, my honey did. he drove us both into work. and then it cleared up enough by lunch time that i was able to go home to be with landon for a bit and go back to work and then go pick justin up and then go home. but you know what else? it snowed all day. all. day. long. it snowed tiny bits. it snowed big honkin' flakes. it was relentless. and then, by about 7ish it started to stick on the roads again. and pile up more on our front yard. and our back yard. and our house. and our driveway. and everywhere that snow can stick, it stuck. and ripley loved it.
and then today? well, it stopped snowing. but not before it put a good eight to nine inches on the ground. and those eight to nine inches, well, let me just tell you that i don't drive in anything over half an inch. that's right, i'm a wuss. big time. i'm a wuss when it comes to driving in general but when it comes to driving in snow, or the potential of snow, or ice or anything like that, i freak. so to make a long story short, after i've already made it long, i didn't go to work today.
that's right. i've only got seven more working days and today was one of them and i didn't go. and you know what else? i think i made the right call. because the street i live on? yeah, it didn't start to get decent until about 3ish. and since i was home with landon, that just seemed downright silly to get ready, pack him up, drive all the way across town to pick up my sitter (thanks mom!) or drop him off, just to go to work for maybe two hours. yeah, i made the right call, that's for darn certain.
so what did landon and i do all day? well, a whole lotta nothing. that's right folks. he took a good two-and-a-half hour nap, i got caught up on justified (my favorite show right now, thankyouverymuch!), we had lunch together (and breakfast!!), played with his wind up cars, played with his drum set, chased him around the island over and over and over again, chased him to ripley's dog bowl where he got in trouble for splashing in the water dish, he helped me make dinner, he decided he didn't need an afternoon nap (after only 1.5 hours of trying on my part!), we put the dishes away and we watched about 5 minutes of mickey mouse clubhouse. oh, and we chased ripley. and landon tried to pull out his fur.
yeah, this staying at home thing is gonna rock!


big shout-out to fred for figuring out what was wrong with our computer.
you, sir, are our hero!!

**all photos taken using my iPhone and the instagram app.
can you tell i like the walden filter the best?


  1. i am SO glad you're back to posting!!!! i've missed seeing your posts in my blog roll!! and, as always, adorable pics :)


thanks for the input!