today the sun is shining and we've been enjoying every bit of it. landon decided to wake up around 4am today and proceeded to not go back to sleep. yeah, it was a long morning. he's napping now and i'm hoping he takes a nice long one to make up for the lack of length this morning.
spring is in the air and that gets our blood pumping. we want to spend as much time as possible with the windows open, out in the cool spring air with the sun beaming down, that we can with our little boy. (+ripley too!) landon fell asleep in the car ride home with the windows down and we took advantage of that and went driving. nowhere special, just in some housing developments we haven't driven through before. man, there are some big houses around here!
hopefully wherever you are, you have sun shining too! have a great rest of your weekend. c:

what a unique vacation idea! it'd sure be a fun story to tell.

i think these are possibly the cutest little gift boxes i have ever seen. i wish i could buy some!

so i'm not a huge scrabble player but i enjoy the occasional game. i bet i could be convinced to play more often if i had
this version of it.

i discovered
parko polo today and boy! am i glad i did. his work is so unique and creative. i especially like this one.

this article describes hipsters to a T. there's even an infographic. perfect!

i really wanted to
visit this site and have 'inception' finally explained to me. unfortunately for me, i couldn't seem to get the site to work. bummer!

are you a major nerd that loves anything and everything to do with outer space, like my husband? well then you're in for a treat! NASA recently created a mosaic of images of the entire sky by the Wide-ield Infrared Survey Explorer. it's actually pretty neat. want a closer look that you can zoom in and out of? click here.

talk about attention-getting! can you even imagine what it would be like to have a 1.85 mile long train on your wedding dress? i sure couldn't.

ok, two phone items. one: are you planning on getting the iPhone 5? it's going to be so cool! and two: do you play 'draw something'? i do, and i'm a tad bit obsessed. c;

alright, i lied. three phone items. aren't these some of the coolest clocks you have ever seen? i think this one is particularly cute.

and last but not least, a very lovely blog i follow,

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