we had a couple lovely days this past week, full of sunshine and slightly warmer weather. unfortunately, both justin and i worked all week long and were unable to take full advantage of the sun, other than having the windows rolled down on my way to and from work and wearing cute, spring-time outfits. and this weekend the weather went back to normal oregon weather in march -- rainy and windy and overcast. so what have we done this weekend? we made our meal plan for the rest of the month, went grocery shopping, made broccoli/potato soup, got caught up on 'worst cooks in america' and 'law & order: svu', watched landon teach himself to walk behind his little walker (!!!), i took a 3-hr nap and we lost an hour of sleep. (thank you, daylight savings)

he rest of today we plan on hitting up kohl's, and maybe old navy, for some good deals on who knows what, dinner with the in-law's and possibly a stop at our dear friend's house for some good 'ole chillin'.

i hope your weekend was as relaxing as ours was!
first off, i have to say that naomi from rockstar diaries is one of the cutest pregnant ladies i have ever seen. and the way they did their gender reveal for their second little one was perfect! oh, i can't get enough of that little family.

i've seen this around on pinterest and discovered that danielle from sometimes sweet decided to give it a go! i'm so excited to do this for landon because he just LOVES his yogurt.

okay, so holly from create*loves introduced me to a new fashion designer that i can't get enough of: orla kiely. yeah, it'll be a fashionable friday post, i'm sure. (btw: i know i missed this last week's. i'm a busy mama!)

oh this cookbook looks divine. i love pastries and i love pretty pictures of pastries. this cookbook combines both.

this is probably one of the
cutest family outings i have ever seen documented. this family is adorable.

talking about cute: this little girl made me grin. i hope landon loves school as much as she does.

need more cute? well this little boy and his mama might be the most stylish duo i have ever seen. seriously. huck in his cardigans and hipter pants and beanies and his mama in leopard-print skinnies and false eyelashes? yeah, i die. every time i see a picture. here's another post filled with pretty pictures of the two.

i really, like REALLY, want to make this garland for easter. i better get on that, seeing as how i've still got my valentine's garland up.

i'd also like to do this with eggs this year, instead of dying them. they look super cute.

yeah it's for a teen's room. who cares? i need it in MY room. heck, i think every woman should have a vanity set.

this picture really makes me want to visit rome.

speaking of weather, it started to hail while writing this post.
hail, people. we've got some crazy weather here in the valley.
pictures of landon eating an orange and
ripley waiting patiently to eat dropped pieces.

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