another week has come and gone. unfortunately for me, i became sick at the end of this week. what have i been doing, you ask? yesterday consisted of me sleeping until about 3ish and then very quietly playing with landon the rest of the evening until he went to be around 8 o'clock and i watched an episode of justified from earlier this season (i'm still playing catch up!). then today, landon and i woke up around 8ish and had some breakfast and played quietly again until it was bath time followed shortly be a 2.5 hour nap! way to go us! right? grandma and grandpa marrs came to take landon on a little shopping excursion so this mama could get some more rest and that's just what i did. hopefully i kick this icky feeling once and for all so i can have a nice evening and day tomorrow. as for now, i'll leave you with some links for your week! enjoy!
so how 'bout you click on over and check out this neat little blog? i'm enjoying it and i'm sure you will too!

i think these little flats are oh so adorable. and the designer's a descendant of captain morgan to boot!

if i ever have an inclination to have another baby and it just happens to be a girl, she'll be wearing this. or at least something like it.

yes, yes, yes. i would like a pair of hunter rain boots, please. in very berry. or coral.

these little
oxford wedges are super cute. are they not?

would it be possible to have an in-home chef to
make these for me on a daily basis? i absolutely love good tortillas.

i would really love to go to
new york with justin. and maybe stay here. and go to stand4 and have the toasted marshmallow shake. and then here for the french fries. someday.

this article via danielle at sometimes sweet and i totally agree. it's a must read for mama's that have little boys.

i thorougly enjoyed katie's leap day post. who am i kidding? i always enjoy her posts, especially her beautiful pictures.

and finally, i check these blogs on a regular basis: one and two.


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