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ok, so i haven't jumped on the bandwagon and gone to see hunger games yet, nor have i even read the books. i'm behind the times, i know. and i'm actually very disappointed about it. i don't want to go see the movie before i read the books because i'm a major book nerd and i love reading any book before i see the movie and at the same time, i feel like the majority of the time when i read the book first, i am always majorly disappointed when i go see the movie and it is nowhere near as good as the book. so, what's a girl to do?  well, one thing is to shop for hunger games inspired jewelry on etsy!


1. silver arrow bracelet by iadornu
2. a hunger games inspired arrow necklace by MyTeenageDream
3. Katniss bow and arrow necklace by EverDesignsShop

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